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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

The intuitive interface can be easily navigated by sports bettors and licensees alike. Behind the simple interface is a system scalable to thousands of concurrent users and capable of posting any amount of transactions per week.

Sports bettors
Our easy to use interface facilitates:
  • checking betting lines of international sports
  • checking account status
  • placing wagers
  • accessing relevant sports news, stats and scores
  • viewing odds in both US and European format

Licensees have easy to use management and reporting tools at their disposal:

The Easiest Available

Ticket Entry
Simplified placement and confirmation of wagers for every bet type

Automated side adjustment system:
This feature automatically adjusts the sportsbook to keep betting sides even. This feature limits the exposure to the gaming operator and allows more potential for a profitable sports betting system.

Operations/Financial Management
Manage every aspect of your daily operations with our BackOffice tool.
The Play Connect sportsbook is part of the total Play Connect turnkey solution. So to simplify things even more, licensees can opt to have Play Connect manage and maintain all sports odds.

More features
  • Automatically updated sports odds
  • Parlay, Future, & Teasers
  • Customizable Odds/Lines