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Back Office Business Administration
Comprehensive, Easy To Use

The Back Office consists of tools for the following areas:

1. Game administration
2. Report generator
3. Customer management
4. Marketing
5. Customer loyalty
6. Finance and ecommerce

Game administration
Manage your business with intelligence from real time game play information.

Through the back office, you can customize the gaming variables, such as rakes, bonus variables, betting and payout limits.

Report Generator
View detailed marketing and finance information through the Report Generator in areas including:

  • Finance
  • Affiliates
  • Players
  • Bonus Money
  • Player Rewards
  • Reconciliation

Customer Management
With instant access to the critical customer information, you can develop memorable and exciting player experiences.

In order to ensure player security, the system is equipped with automatic fraud analysis tools so that administrators can analyze, identify and deal with fraudulent accounts.

Our marketing tools provide total control over your customer communications and promotional campaigns.

The Post Office gives you an easy way to create or edit all software related email on your gaming site. Add, remove or edit all automated customer emails and send specific daily or weekly promotions to all or part of your user database.

Customer Loyalty
Player Rewards is Play Connect’s exclusive player incentives and rewards program.

Financial Processing and Ecommerce
We offer a VARIETY OF FINANCIAL PAYMENT METHODS. Our ecommerce INTERFACE allows A player to deposit, withdraw and review all account history with ease and confidence.

Bonus supplementary administration feature:

Website Statistics
Licensees can monitor their website usage with this management feature. Licensees can view statistics such as traffic sources, total number of hits, unique visitors, or track the activity of specific web pages. Data from the 25+ reports will facilitate with search engine optimization strategy.